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Jan Pemberton RCST® RPP, is a certified
teacher and member of the Biodynamic
Craniosacral Therapy Association of North
America (BCTA/NA). 

Jan completed the foundation training
and six advanced courses with Franklyn
Sills. She has assisted Sills in three advanced
classes and was faculty with Sills in his recent
training in NYC.
Jan studied widely in Biodynamic
CranioSacral Therapy. She also completed
CST 1, CST 2 and SER through the Upledger

Jan continues to observe lasting positive
effects both physically and emotionally
from biodynamic craniosacral therapy with
clients and students. She works extensively
with infants and family dynamics. She has
trained in birth work with Ray Castellino,
Claire Dolby, Michael Shea and Franklyn Sills.
She served three years on the Board
of Directors of the American Polarity Therapy

Jan has taught in the US, Canada and
in IndoAsia. She presently teaches Foundation
Courses in the US and Canada, as well
as an Advanced Series on Biodynamic Cranial
Therapy and Birth, and an Advanced Series
on the Cranial Nerves.
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Jan Pemberton RCST
My intention as a teacher is to empower my students with a working awareness of the heart opening and life transforming qualities of the Breath of Life. This invites the shift from duality thinking to unity awareness.

​I enjoy the cooler and warmer weather activities of biking, kayaking, walking through the woods, playing croquet with friends (and winning the 'crow'!).
Time is moving so quickly these days that the time I spend in self reflection and meditation is very precious.